Saturday, October 17, 2015

NEW VIRUS CAUSING MUTATIONS & KILLING US - Playboy Magazine & Marriott are the latest victims

The Gadget Virus is now pandemic. It's killing thousands annually and worse - it's causing Playboy Magazine and Marriott Hotels to drop porn!

Dr. Christina Terrado MD

Our wonderful hand-held gadgets entertain, inform, and allow us to communicate.  But more and more our lives are increasingly ruled by these gadgets. And it should be the other way around. 

Humanity is becoming mentally and physically handicapped as a result. The most obvious is the near physical loss of the use of one hand.  And socially, many lose important human interaction due to their obsession with the gadget.

Dining out on a recent night out with my friends, a couple nearby obviously on a date were both so busy with their gadgets that I joked to my friend - they must be texting each other, or worse - texting another boyfriend or girlfriend. 

On the news I recently read that that 10% of us text while having sex. What does that tell you?
Speaking of sex - Playboy magazine is dropping pictures of naked women. It appears that their readers really do read the rag for the articles.. That used to be a joke but you can't argue with the stats. Playboy clams its sales went up 274% when they switched to their new literary format. I surmise that with so much skin available for free on the net and via gadgets - they determined their pages would be better used for articles and ad sales.

Marriott Hotels just announced they were dropping porn channels in their rooms. Sales went down from around $300 per room annually to around $100. in just the last year. They blame it on the availability of free porn on gadgets, wi-fi etc. Mr. Marriott said the real reason was that porn wasn't in keeping with his Mormon faith... It took him over 2 decades to understand Mormon scripture? Since alcohol is another Mormon taboo - will Marriott bars be going dry as well?  Or will it take another couple of decades for Marriott to see Jesus. 

Out of fear for my life, I had to get off a bus because the driver refused to stop texting. I was exasperated when he tried to reason out that it was important despite the fact that he couldn’t stop texting for several miles. I hope he had lots of liability insurance. Unfortunately, we all know people who text and answer their cell phone while behind the steering wheel.  

Recent studies have shown the majority of road accidents in the USA are now due to texting while driving.  American Insurance industry stats show that for the first time accidents caused by texting drivers exceeds that of drunk drivers in the US. I suppose it’s now the case everywhere on this gadget covered planet. A planet we now share with millions of gadgets, robots and drones. 

Every day one reads of people falling off cliffs while taking selfies and stepping in front of cars, trucks and even trains while gadgeting. Worse - truck drivers, train engineers and pilots have been observed gadgeting when on the job. In the “sure sign from heaven" department there was the young woman in San Diego California who stepped into a hole full of snakes while gadgeting. 

The NY Times today regarding compulsive texting:

"A study of more than 400 eighth and 11th graders published this month has found that many teenage texters had a lot in common with compulsive gamblers, including losing sleep because of texting, problems cutting back on texting and lying to cover up the amount of time they spent sending messages."

Gadgets do overheat, batteries explode, bedrooms and houses burn down, people get serious burns and scientists suspect the potential of brain damage caused by the holding of cel phones next to our heads over the long term. 

The only damage caused by the old rotary dial phones I grew up with was to our heads if someone was mad enough to clock you with one. Those phones were virtually indestructible and were built to last a lifetime. 

The G-virus has hit the home front too. Teens and adults now do housework with one hand while the other hand holds a gadget. If Darwin was right - in a million years humanity will have one arm longer than the other and one hand will be quite different from the other.  Perhaps as different as a fork and spoon or... tentacle and claw.

Humanity has become physically handicapped and socially challenged thanks to Apple. 

I have removed gadgets from my home. Not that my kids drive but they need  human interaction more than whatever a gadget can give them. They have their bikes and scooter to ride. They read, they are on swim teams, play basketball, one plays musical instruments and they love video games like boys everywhere in this “modern” world.  

I  leave my cell phone at home because I know whoever/however  important a call is they will call back again when I am home. I enjoy my time outside, uninterrupted. I live in a small town near the sea - it’s peaceful and beautiful and I appreciate the lack of congestion and noise found in the big cities. 

I admit I have a cell phone. I only use it for calls. I don’t watch game shows, read mail while walking, text or talk on the gadget while driving, while stirring the soup or when with people accompanying me. That would be impolite. Why should I permit anyone to butt in our conversation while strolling with a friend or spoil my time on the beach with an offer for unlimited calls and text messages?

 I miss my dumb phone. Back in the stone age, when you went out the door, the telephone remained home alone. And you were outside in the fresh air and sunshine (rain or snow) enjoying life, reveling in reality.  You could enjoy sights, sounds, real conversations and ideas without petty interruptions. Or stressing out about having a "dead batt."

Kids today don’t know what a real telephone is. Or was. Life was slower and less complicated before the spread of the gadget virus. And the kids don't appreciate or get it. 

"Apple makes things people didn't even know they needed."  Steve Jobs

So pox on you Apple. And Samsung too. I will never, ever purchase one of your can't-live-without-it toys regardless of all the features and benefits it claims to have. I am perfectly happy with my $10 cel phone that I leave behind on the table when I go out the door. 

Try doing the same sometime. It's liberating, and it may save your life and your relationships. 

Bless all,

Doctora Christina Carino Terrado MD

Medical & Dental Tourism Patient Adviser
Board Certified Internationale’

Dr. Terrado welcomes your comments and questions                                               
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