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HERE'S AN EYEFULL - Dr. Antonio Serrano, Top Los Cabos Eye Doctor for Lazik,Surgeries, Checkups, Lenses and more!


Review from Discover Los Cabos newspaper and testimonials for Doctor Antonio Serrano – San Jose Del Cabo eye doctor - opthamalogist, optometrist, Lazik and cataract eye surgeon, dispensing optician.

Dr. Antonio Serrano is an excellent eye doctor. He’s the one you want to see in Los Cabos for any kind of eye related illness or injury. He also dispenses glasses and performs Lazik surgeries. 
He practices his Lazik surgeries and other procedures in Tijuana which is especially convenient for those from Southern California who wish to drive across the border. David Mandich - Cabo writer.


Dear Dr. Serrano. 

I will always credit you with saving my left eye. I am very grateful.

After your email, I decided to get another opinion as my eye did not feel right. On April  9th. I saw another retina specialist. There was a tear which was no longer small sort of regular size. And my eye had tried to heal itself, there was a rolled up edge of scar tissue on one side. It was high up around 11:45.  Just like you said.

I am so upset that the doctor I saw 2 days after I saw you the second time did not find the tear so I was at risk for another 10 days. But if you had not emailed me I think it eventually would have detached, thank you for taking the time and concern to email me. I am very thankful for you.

Donna Hall

ARTICLE:  Reprinted from Discover Los Cabos Newspaper by David Mandich

Dr. Antonio Serrano, Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas Baja Mexico Expert Eye Doctor, Opthamologist - 

 "Normal" sight for this 50-something year-old young man had become over the years - sight polluted by tiny black spots, amoeba-like ‘floaters,' and strange flashes of lightning. I hadn't had an eye exam in 10 years. Not willing to trust blind luck (no pun intended), I asked around for the name of the best eye physician in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, and was immediately referred to Dr. Antonio Serrano located in nearby San Jose del Cabo. 

The doctor speaking perfect English, welcomed me to his clinic for an exam and treatment. Being un-informed about eye care, I queried him about his medical specialty and what kind of eye problems he encountered here in Mexico. 

Dr. Serrano spent 6 years obtaining his M.D. at the University of Guadalajara graduating in 1985, another year interning in a hospital, another year doing his Mexican government required social service in a clinic, then another 3 years at the Institute of Ophthalmology in Mexico City to be an eye surgeon. That's 11 years if I counted right. He's been practicing in San Jose del Cabo for over 15 years.

The doctor has performed 1,000's of Lasik (Laser) surgeries, treats eye diseases, and routinely performs cataract, strabisum (lazy-eye) and glaucoma surgeries. According to the doctor, allergies affecting the eye are common in this desert-dust, semi-tropical environment - causing redness, itchiness and eye discharge. Eye examination, treatment, and medicated eyewashes will alleviate these symptoms.

You may want to reconsider your daily intake of alcohol, sugar, sugared cereal, pastries, soft drinks, candy etc., as diabetes is the leading cause of blindness. An annual eye check-up is critical for adults in avoiding more serious problems. Especially for people with diabetes, high-blood pressure, a family history of glaucoma, eye surgery or other serious eye problems.

 Often people become used to having a virus in their eyes without knowing its presence is not normal and can be cured. Prevention is most important according to Doctor Serrano.  My 20 something year old son had one. Doctor Serrano found it, treated it and saved his sight. 

The doctor does complete eye exams - as opposed to others who appear to be more interested in selling designer frames than providing health care. Hint.... If you walk into a boutique eyeglasses clinic and see hundreds of designer frames on the walls - Be careful, as you may get expensive frames with an economy eye exam. Many eye clinics here and in the USA have technicians dispense glasses or they don't give you a thorough medical eye exam. 

A complete exam, also called a Dilated Eye Exam is where the doctor using special ophthalmology equipment, widens the pupil allowing the doctor to more closely inspect the inside of the eye. It's painless, and takes the doctor more time - but is much more thorough. Remember, you're not going to the eye doctors to buy a purse - you're going there to keep your eyes healthy. Fashion glasses are secondary.

Prevent Blindness America recommends you see a doctor immediately if you have any of the following symptoms: Trouble adjusting to dark rooms, difficulty focusing, unusual sensitivity to light or glare, change in color of the iris, red-rimmed, encrusted or swollen eyelids, recurrent pain around the eyes, double vision, distorted lines and edges, excess tearing or "watery eyes," dry itchy or burning eyes or see spots and floaters as I did. 

Emergency medical attention may be required with any of the following serious symptoms: Sudden loss of vision in one eye, Sudden hazy or blurred vision, flashes of light or black spots, halos or rainbows around light, curtain-like blotting out of vision and loss of peripheral (side) vision.

Accidental injuries to the eyes happen. Injuries caused by fireworks to the face, eye and hands are entirely preventable. In Mexico, fireworks are legal. But that doesn't make them any less dangerous. According to Prevent Blindness America, in 2005 over 12,000 injuries were caused in the USA by fireworks - 3,000 to the eyes, face, hand and ear, with seemingly innocent sparklers accounting for half the injuries to children under 5 years of age. 

Bottle rockets were responsible for all surgeries where the eye had to be removed while fireworks were directly responsible for 56 million dollars in property damage. All fireworks "Safe and Sane," legal, or not so, should be avoided at all costs. I can remember as a youth, being close to being renamed One-Eyed Jack due to my mishandling of cute Ladyfingers fireworks. Every 4th of July in the USA and September 15th (Mexican Independence Day) - hospital emergency rooms fill up injured fireworks victims. 

I'm happy to report that immediately after my treatment by Doctor Serrano, all my vision problems were cured. I was amazed how painless and thorough the treatment was. Doctor Serrano said my symptoms were a result of aging, (who me?) but correctable. I vowed to make annual eye checkups part of my personal health care program. 

Contact: Doctor Antonio Serrano at: (from the USA) 011 52 (624) 142 6465 Cel 044 624 355 3433. Email:
San Jose del Cabo  +52 (from the USA) (624) 142-6465; Cell: (044) 624-355-3433.
Paseo de los Marinos 635, San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur

Dr. Serrano has a Facebook page and another page at: 


Cabo Writer David Mandich, writes about medical and dental tourism. He may be contacted at:, url:


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